Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aston Parish Church

Near the Aston Villa Stadium - Birmingham is this lovely church. If I heard right, the first church was built at the same place in 1086 and was rebuilt in 1776, and the current building or the body in 1879 leaving the tower to be the only remaining part from the 1776 medieval building.
Such a love piece of history and architechture.. I went there late evenning to capture the building in the light of the dusk, so I really couldn't get much of the finer details, which I should do sometime later.. :)

A larger version of the images can be seen at My Deviant page

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Witton Cemetery Chapel

well snowy UK was quite the thing past week... I myself was in London visiting friends and got stuck there without transport. I had to get my ass back to Birmingham for work on Monday but everything was chaos in London, all buses were completely stopped, most tubes were not working. so I ended up stranded in London. Thankfully my friend decided that he'll drive me to Birmingham. it was around 8.30 PM when i reached here. and well the snow fall was not that bad here.

And next morning I was walking around, enjoying the snowy landscape when I stepped in to the witton cemetery, which is quite close by to where I live, and caught this...

(Please click on the image for a larger view.)

It was quite a sight to be seen. Nikon D60, 18-55 VR lens. (18mm wide end) shutter - 25/1000, F-10, ISO 100. and of coz with a wee bit of post editing.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

balance... focus... balance...

The very thing that i don't have these days... well guess i've not had it for a while now... my story hasn't changed that much during the last few weeks/ months... well as in the day to day things at least. I'm still stuck with my uni work... hardly keeping my head afloat I'd say. but its not excactly that i have too much work. I'm just not doing them efficiantly... I waste time. I know that i have to do all these things but i just keep on wasting my time. doing things that are not important at all!!! the only thing that i seems to doing properly as i'm supposed to be doing is going to work. well even that is coz I don't have an option!! they'll simply fire me and i just can't risk that!! LOL.. so i don't think i'm doing even that properly!!!!

what my problem is, as far as i can see is that I don't seems to be balancing my life. U know between studies, work, day to day stuff and leisure... I start to do one thing, but my mind is not there, I switch to another, then my mind is not still focused on that either, so I switch to something else... specially the projects, i keep on swtitching in between my projects and at the end of the day i've not done anything properly... Probably the reason why i'm not focused is taht mind actually is not even in this country anymore!! LOL.. I'm quite sure its with star shine.. LOL. so thats why i cannot settle down and do anything at all... kinda stupid actually...

but i need to get my act together and really start concentrating on my things.. or i'm gonna get sooooo screwed up by the end of next month. coz i have to hand in three big projects!! right after the christmas holidays...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A month ago this day...

I was still in SL,
I was still 28,
I was still running around like a mad man around SL helping my bro with his post wedding stuff,
I was still thinking that I'll never be in love again,
I was still to meet the best person I've ever met in my life,
I was still holding your hand under the moonlight,
I was still unaware how much you could change my life,
I was still single...

I'm thankful that I met you,
I'm thankful to all the family activities that our folks had together they gave us the time we had together,
I'm thankful to you for taking my hand and returning my kiss..
I'm thankful to you... for making me whole again...

I'm happy that we fell in love... and yes starshine... its been a month... and I'm looking for many many more... :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

to you my sis....

yep.. another year has gone by akki... plenty has changes around me... loku ayya got married u know.. happened last month.. i was there in SL for little two weeks... if u were still around.. i'm sure I'd have run to see u on the same day I landed... LOL.. a hug from u would've made everything go away as it always did... :) oh well.. shit happens and ur not there.. LOL.. missed ya alot though... its weird though... anyone hardly even talks of ya... well.. at least the normal ppl we used to hang around with... strange how u never leave my mind... I don't think there is a single day that goes by without me thinking of u for a second... something would come up and I'd start thinking well akki would've loved to hear this one... and i bet u would... we always something hilarious to laugh at in everything.. LOL.. we were both equally crazy.. LOL... gosh i miss those days... i miss running around without giving a shit about anything.. i miss talking to about everything... i miss the only person who knew me inside out.... i miss being totally understood by someone else... i miss being loved by u... i miss the hug that made all the horrible things dissappear... i miss my friend... i miss my akki... i miss u.... the best sister that anyone in the world could ever have.... I MISS U SOOO BADLY... when things go wrong and when things are super fine... I know that u'd be really happy to hear about whats goign on around me these days men.. Love u loads akks... hope ur happy wherever u are... u deserve to be... i sure hope i'd meet to somewhere someday in some form... :) and till then, wish you a happy birthday... love ya and miss ya... :)