Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

The loooong awaited album by a bunch of guys who reallly won the hearts of people.... They're a (C)Rap–Rock band who really made a scene... People of all ages, fans of all genres; not only metal or Rock fans.. Hip-Hop and Pop fans equally like them!!!!

I got the album yesterday... Heard it once.. Liked it... but not enough to really write a comment or an opinion about it... I found this track to track review thing somewhere on the internet... thought I'd post it...

(pls try to disregard the word "heavy" that they use in the review once in a while! coz they aren't "Heavy". I listen to Carcass and.... well.....!!!)

1. Wake
To begin their long awaited album, Linkin Park choose to gently set the wheels in motion rather than forcefully kick-starting lively music which fans have come to expect. Instead, they present a slow, short intro track with a synth-heavy melody and a nice building ambiance, which gradually increases in volume. 4/5

2. Given Up
The smoothness is soon thrown out the window however when the scratchy turntable sound of this second track transforms into a gargantuan heavy rock riff. This is possibly the most in-your-face song on the entire record – the punk rock style drumbeats are brash, the guitars thrash and Chester Bennington sings his lungs out. When it reaches the bridge, he goes from singing to screaming the line, “You put me out of my misery” over and over again. It’s heated, emotional and enjoyable, but the track definitely feels like it’s missing a certain something. 3/5

3. Leave Out All The Rest
From one extreme to another, three tracks in and we’re presented with a ballad. It’s very listenable pop rock with tranquil vocals and dominant bass guitar. It seems odd to position such a slow-paced tune so early into the album but it’s radio friendly style is bound to be popular with many. The piece of music does end rather abruptly though and you may be left wanting more. 3/5

4. Bleed It Out
This is much more like the Linkin Park we’re used to hearing. Mike Shinoda starts off with a casual rap before trading off with Chester and some insightful lyrics, “I bring it out, bring it in deeper just to throw it away.” The song’s structure revolves around four simple chords with screaming vocals leading up to the catchy chorus. Piano adds an extra dimension to the track but overall it’s a little repetitive and flat, ending abruptly again. Saying that, we can see this being released as a successful single in the future. 4/5

5. Shadow Of The Day
Possibly the most listener friendly song on ‘Minutes To Midnight,’ the style is very soft yet clear with both vocals and bass taking a poppy turn. Percussion comes across clear and dominant, but overall the song remains average in terms of technicality. It seems to offer nothing more than a break-up in the record, but its dreamy nature is quite certain to be a hit with the fans. 2/5

6. What I’ve Done
Generally a hit from the moment it is played, ‘What I’ve Done’ soars with a catchy chorus and likeable verses, before developing into a brilliant bridge and climatic ending. A gentle guitar solo midway adds depth and versatility before another welcome chorus. The haunting piano and synthetic drums combine to create a fantastic addition to Linkin Park’s third album and a perfect choice for their first single. 5/5

7. Hands Held High
The marching drumbeat and simple melody is an ideal backdrop to Shinoda’s poetic rapping and it has certainly developed in the space of two previous albums and his hip-hip focused side project Fort Minor. Again, Chester’s melodic singing comes in later but the central theme of the song does seem to be soldier’s homecoming in the aftermath of war. Maybe it was written to get those arms flailing lighters around at rock festivals. Either way, it’s still an impressive track. 4/5

8. No More Sorrow
Opening up with a creeping lead guitar, ‘No More Sorrow’ rocks heads with a deep double-bass drumming intro switching over to a simple paradiddle on the snare. Definitely the best chorus of the album so far, with an enigmatic riff and emotional shouting from Bennington. The tune flows naturally with a heavy bridge followed by a modulation and even higher pitched screaming. There’s no DJ elements to this song and it has to be said that some of the vocals and drumming becomes repetitive fast – even more noticeable is the fact that the band don’t seem to be stretching themselves in terms of song writing techniques. 3/5

9. Valentine’s Day
After a somewhat depressive two minutes of ballad-laden lyrics and slow-moving guitars, it finally kicks in with another extremely infective hook and harmonious backing vocals. “On a Valentines day” is passionately sung with interesting vocals spoken over the top, before annoyingly ending abruptly and letting the song down. 2/5

10. In Between
If there’s a point in the album where it’s easy to see that the songs are starting to lose their flair, this is it. Those sweetly spoken vocals are back once again alongside grainy drumbeats, but without any differences in tempo there’s nothing exciting here. It’s peaceful, but there’s no denying this is a weak ballad track amongst Linkin Park’s repertoire of excellence. 1/5

11. In Pieces
Thankfully, faith is restored with quite simply the highlight of the album. This is soft yet rhythmic with synthetic drumming you can’t fail to be taken in by. The stirring piano and powerful bass proves to be a winning combination for the band – with vocals at their best only boosting the song further. Another build up after a few minutes adds more magic to the piece, with sweet sounds and eventually more heavily distorted guitars, minus screaming. The song slows down and ends dramatically with a simple beat and ska-style guitar plucking. 5/5

12. The Little Things You Give Away
Acoustic guitar and Linkin Park in the same sentence? You better believe it. One last ballad, with those great mechanical style drums and melodic vocals from Chester rounds ‘Minutes To Midnight’ off fruitfully. When the bass cuts in, the song hits another dimension before ending a reasonably decent record. There’s not many heavy tracks – instead, Linkin Park have shifted to crafting softer, easier listening songs like this one. Despite it not being a patch on ‘Hybrid Theory, ’it still delivers and the fans will almost surely be lapping this up after its release on 14 May. 4/5

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Colorful treat.....

Supposed to be in parallel to Chathu's blog.. but there was some a registry error in my computer that took sometime to fix and download the pics...

It must've been around midnight or something... and we were too tired to go around looking for other places.... so we ended up at the great Sampath Hotel Rajagiriya!!!

(Click the image for a larger view)
Fluorecent light, Automatic exposure on my Nokia phone... i like the color scheme.. well... I don't you have to have the "eye" for colors or anything else to notice that...

Monday, May 28, 2007

Rock Unplugged!!! slightly plugged!!!

Yep... I did go... and you know that I'd definitely go...

It was awsome... well... it was sometime since I last saw any of the bands playing live... When the Rock Company had "Rock Saturday"s happenning we did see the bands once a month!!

now they say that these will be happennign every sunday at Clancy's... I missed the gig on the previous Sunday... I simply was clueless!!! lets hope they continue!!!

The band listing was good. they had all the bands that were mentioned in the poster!!!!
All of them were good... we have some real talented bunch of guys out there!!! young pups and "experieced" dudes!!!
all of em rocked equally...

it was supposed to start at three - but started way after 4.30PM (I really won't complain about it.. coz i think 3.00 PM is a bit too early.. and it was awkward seeing clancy's in braod daylight!!! he eh he... and since the very first rock company events.. they NEVER started on time... so its kinda ok...) it ended around 8.30 - 9.00 i don't remember exactly... Stigmata gave a brilliant ending... it was heavy - not the real "Acoustic - Unpligged" thingi that u'd expect though!!!

PE - The boys from Kandy
(well yeah.. u can't see shit in the pics!! I'd say its Iron Maiden and Iced Earth playing you'd still wouldn't know the diff!! )
One of the leading bands in the scene these days...

The Aces in Sri Lankan Metal scene!!!
and they're GOOD!!! VERY GOOD!!!
I don't know since when they got that (new) drummer of their's!!
I remember him from long ago.. i think he's from kandy... one of PE's friends or something like that... carrying water bottles and stuff!!! if i remember correctly... he always gave me an impression of a jackass... did a good job doing that too!! he's just a bit too much "wanna be" type!!! He fucking shows off more that Suresh himself!!!
He's ok with the drums though.. but there are better ppl around!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

...and now I'm an uncle!! :-)

and its all thanks to this tiny creature... :-)

this my friends is my little nephew, the newest member of our family. He came in to this world at 9.11 PM yesterday and he weighed 2.920 Kilos. A healthy little boy.

Look at him... only 10hrs old!! tiny and pink!!! :-) We've not thought of a name as yet... coz there are alot of "things" involved in naming a new born!! like choosing the first letter according to the astronomical whatever thing!!!! anyways.. I'll let u guys know the moment we decide...

Rock Unplugged!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Top five things about my ex...

No 5.
Sense of humor: She was funny!! She had a great sense of humor. We could make a funny joke with almost anything. I always laughed when I was around her…

No 4.
Intellect: She was smart. She was smart and she always made sense when she talked. She knew what she was talking about and had an amazing capability of hitting the correct point when she was in conversation or debate. And she was a good listener at the same time. She reads almost anything and she had an open mind. I loved that about her… I was crazy over her for that. I could always have a good meaningful delightful educative conversation about almost anything with her. I miss that.

No 3.
The smile: The best… the best that is… the best there was in the history of the man kind... And the best there will be… Her smile and her laugh… always sent tingles and shivers down my spine. She laughs with her whole body… lips face eyes and all… and can be quite loud too…

No 2.
Her smell: Maybe it’s something to do with the pheromones or chemistry in humans or whatever. She eternally smelled good. Even if its only shampoo… it was like the early spring or a beautiful morning after a rain… It was something that I felt home with…

No 1.
Character: She has an amazing character. She could make an impression on a person… a good one... But she doesn’t care about what other people think of her…. She’s warm, forgiving, kind, and crazy at the same time… and she was my best friend.