Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aston Parish Church

Near the Aston Villa Stadium - Birmingham is this lovely church. If I heard right, the first church was built at the same place in 1086 and was rebuilt in 1776, and the current building or the body in 1879 leaving the tower to be the only remaining part from the 1776 medieval building.
Such a love piece of history and architechture.. I went there late evenning to capture the building in the light of the dusk, so I really couldn't get much of the finer details, which I should do sometime later.. :)

A larger version of the images can be seen at My Deviant page


Lady divine said...

lovely pics! absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

Thackshila said...

Thanks.. :) bought a new camera ne :P

macadamia nut said...

Your pictures are stunning!! Maybe I should visit something besides the bull ring next time ! Lol..